Stevie Chalmers

Book of Remembrance

Stevie Chalmers Book of Remembrance

Celtic Football Club have created this book of remembrance to celebrate the life of one of Celtic’s greatest ever goalscorers, Stevie Chalmers.

Messages have come in from around the world, and from fans of all clubs. We are grateful to everyone who has taken the time to pay their respects.

Supporters wishing to share their thoughts, memories and stories can do so by submitting a message here

Stevie, (7&9}, Stevie was my favourite player in those days, The winner in 67 summed Stevie up, Always on his toes, However, Stevies goal in the 4-0 Scottish Cup Final (1969) will remain with me foreaver. Thanks Stevie.

Gerry McKenny ~ 1 year ago

RIP Stevie. That goal will live with us all forever. YNWA!!!

Finbar Lynch ~ 1 year ago

The memory if you're goal in Lisbon will forever be etched my mind. Rest in Peace.

Paul Greenan ~ 1 year ago

God Bless Stevie. Rest In Peace

Willie Conlon ~ 1 year ago

RIP Stevie scorer of the most important goal in our history

Barry Fitzgerald ~ 1 year ago

Thanks for the menories. RIP Stevie HH

Gerrard McGeachy ~ 1 year ago


Sean scott ~ 1 year ago

Thanks for the memories every experience is a story and it will be a long time before we tell one like yours

Mikey Moore ~ 1 year ago

RIP STEVIE scorer of the most important goal in our history from all at THE BRISTOL CSC. YNWA

stuart mckenzie ~ 1 year ago

To the man who made the legend and was in the Celtic families hearts.

Robert Phillips and Linda Phillips ~ 1 year ago

from Australia I was there at that famous victory in spain and saw what I thought was the greatest team in my lifetime and Stevie Chalmers was amongst the best of them. Bless you Bhoy!!!

Chris Dunnion ~ 1 year ago

Rest In Peace Stevie x

Kim McLaren ~ 1 year ago

You’ll never walk alone 🍀

Michael McCall ~ 1 year ago

Legends live forever. Your memory will forever be etched into the hearts and minds of every and forever more. YNWA🍀🍀

Suzy & Tony McCallum ~ 1 year ago

Deepest sympathy to all Stevie's family at this very sad and heartbreaking time > I had the great privilege of watching him play many times and meeting him when he came up to visit us at the Fort William Celtic supporters club. He was an outstanding gentleman and human being and to just speak with him left me with a lifelong happy memory. Will never forget his winning goal in Lisbon, and two years ago on the 50th Anniversary I was blessed to stand on the same spot as he stood in the National Stadium. A lifetime dream come true ! Also thank you for being the first Scotsman to score against Brazil ! I now live in Perth Western Australia and your sad loss is felt around this World ! God Bless you Stevie Chalmers, Rest in Peace.

John Wegner ~ 1 year ago

Rest in Peace Stevie.

Brian O'Donnell ~ 1 year ago

Rest in Peace Stevie, Thanks for the memories, you’ll always be remembered, YNWA!

Anthony McDade ~ 1 year ago

You will always be remembered Hail Hail

John Howat ~ 1 year ago

Gone but never forgotten.

Tony Brennan Snr ~ 1 year ago

Thank you for the best goal in our history . Hail hail

Ross Meechan ~ 1 year ago

Because of Stevie, our clubs name is forever etched in history as the first British club that won the European Cup. Over and above that, he was a phenomenal footballer who gave so much to out club. R.I.P Stevie #HH #YNWA

Steven Roche ~ 1 year ago

a true Celtic great. God bless.

Paul Doherty ~ 1 year ago


Sam derrick ~ 1 year ago

Stevie you were my first CEltic hero,way before the rise of the sixty seven squad and you and me enjoyed some great highs and some really miserable lows.Still,we stuck to our guns and our beliefs in those testing times.....and then look what happened .Anexample to us all, Stevie,in football and in faith.We did overcome.God Bless.

Brian McIntyre ~ 1 year ago

God bless Stevie Chalmers , his family and loved ones who share the grief of the passing of a once in a lifetime true hero of the game and to all those who knew and loved him. YNWA 🍀🍀🍀

James Lynch ~ 1 year ago

True celt and champion.

Gerry McMullan ~ 1 year ago

RIP Stevie,a true celtic legend,never forgotten.

John ~ 1 year ago

Thanks Stevie God Bless 💚

Paul Quinn ~ 1 year ago

Rest In Peace Stevie you’ll be remembered for evermore! Hail Hail

Harry McCormick ~ 1 year ago

Rest in peace King Stevie you will always be remembered as a great CELTIC Player HAIL HAIL

CELTIC ANDY ~ 1 year ago