Stevie Chalmers

Book of Remembrance

Stevie Chalmers Book of Remembrance

Celtic Football Club have created this book of remembrance to celebrate the life of one of Celtic’s greatest ever goalscorers, Stevie Chalmers.

Messages have come in from around the world, and from fans of all clubs. We are grateful to everyone who has taken the time to pay their respects.

Supporters wishing to share their thoughts, memories and stories can do so by submitting a message here

RIP Stevie Chalmers,Great Player and Great Man.

Nick Monaghan ~ 1 year ago


xray123 ~ 1 year ago

God bless you Stevie and your family. Everyone mentions THAT goal and some mention the fourth in the 1969 Cup Final. Both brilliant and so memorable. Yet there is one other match apart from these two which stands out for me. That was the night Stevie and Bobby Lennox scored five goals each against Hamilton in a very one sided match which finished 10-0. Stevie was on fire that night and I will always remember his performance. He was one of the finest players to pull on a Celtic jersey. RIP Stevie

Charlie ~ 1 year ago

Thank you for everything you did for Celtic and Scotland, R.I.P. Stevie.

Stephen Oldham ~ 1 year ago

God bless you Stevie rest in peace.

Bob Mooney ~ 1 year ago

Scorer of a goal that changed history, RIP

Ray Ledger ~ 1 year ago

RIP Stevie you probably scored the most important goal in the clubs history RIP

David Smith ~ 1 year ago

Rest in peace Stevie x

Anne Mason ~ 1 year ago

No one ever to wear that hooped jersey will forget that goal. From 25th May 1967 until the day the earth dies. Immortal lion. Rest in Peace.

James McGowan and Family ~ 1 year ago

Quietly understated and unassuming but deadly in front of goal. That goal on a grainy black and white television will live with me till I go. You changed Scottish and British football forever with that goal.

Dennis Kelly ~ 1 year ago

Rest in peace, Stevie Chalmers legend forever you will never walk alone HH

Andy's Bhoys Longford CSC Eire ~ 1 year ago

Forever Remembered For Our Most Important Goal In Our History YNWA

Gary Mulholland ~ 1 year ago

rest in peace Stevie .Your goal made the Lisbon lions immortal.Hail Hail

John and Sheila. Millar ~ 1 year ago

I didn't have the luck to met yous but my dad would talk about Celtic all time so I would like to thank yous for everything you done for Celtic and my deepest syphony for your family and friends you will never be forgotten can you say Hail Hail to my dad,brother,mother up there heaven Legends.Yours sincerely Franny Bhoy and family,Stand up Celtic Stand up and play game.HH YNWA

Francis Healy ~ 1 year ago

Stevie, I’m sorry to say I never had the honour of meeting you. You were at Celtic before my time but, my God, if I had a euro for every time I’ve watched that Lisbon goal on video and DVD down the years… I will never get tired of looking at it because of what it means to us all. I still punch the air with delight every time I see it cross the line. No one will question that it’s the most important goal in Celtic’s history. You also scored (what I think) was the best domestic Celtic team goal ever; number four in the Cup Final in 1969, which culminated in composure personified by yourself, after a team move that went literally the whole length of the pitch. Rest in peace Stevie, you absolute genius, and I know you and the rest of the lads up there are enjoying the Treble Treble celebrations just as much as we are. HAIL HAIL!

Liam McGonagle ~ 1 year ago

RIP Stevie you will always be remembered for scoring that wonderful goal in 1967 but most of all coming through a very serious illness that could have made our history so different. You will be missed greatly. X

Jacqueline chalmers ~ 1 year ago

RIP Stevie God bless

Norman Wainwright ~ 1 year ago

Thoughts and prayers are with Stevie's family. Take comfort knowing he gave so much pleasure to generations of football supporters and leave a lasting memory with them and future generations. Like all the Lisbon Lions, a true gentleman. The family will always have personal memories but generations will have THAT one memory to enjoy over and over. Rest in Peace Hail Hail

Eddie McWilliams ~ 1 year ago

RIP Stevie, you were a lion and will be forever in our thoughts 🍀HH🍀

Hugh Heaney ~ 1 year ago

Another lion goes to their reward.thank you for all you gave to us Stevie YNWA rest in peace from Alan and all the Celtic family in Cork

Alan O Connor ~ 1 year ago

RIP Stevie, A Celtic legend. Not only the man who scored our greatest ever goal but also a hat trick hero over our rivals. Hail Hail YNWA

Henry Giusti ~ 1 year ago

Since I was a child, Stevie has been a part of my life. As honorary President of the Springburn CSC, he came to our Christmas parties amp might even have been our Santa! A goal scorer supreme ... a Celtic Legend ... a gentleman to the end.

Robert Corr ~ 1 year ago

I will never forget you. Rest in peace.

Paul anthony Clancy ~ 1 year ago

The man who scored thee goal in Lisbon RIP Steve 🙏

Jim Queen ~ 1 year ago

A great man whose winning goal will live forever in the history of our wonderful club and whose goals helped make celtic the club we have become God bless Stevie YNWA 🍀

Graeme Livingstone ~ 1 year ago

Rest in peace Stevie My thoughts were with you and Billy at Hampden today when the team and supporters paid you both a wonderful tribute. You both deserved this. Rest in peace and Thankyou for the memories. God bless

Joan ~ 1 year ago

RIP Champ...

John O Brien ~ 1 year ago

Part of the team named legions and deserved. To score that most famous of goals not to be forgotten

David Anderson ~ 1 year ago

Rest in eternal peace Stevie. Forever a Lion legend. Our sincerest condolences to the Celtic family , to your family and to all friends. Always to be remembered, never to be forgotten.

Andy Clark ~ 1 year ago

I remember Stevie coming to my house years ago when my Dad was a Celtic Pools agent. Steve was an absolute gentleman. A legend who will live in our hearts forever.

Liam Heron ~ 1 year ago